Vollda Font


Vollda is an old-style text typeface with a serious mood and contemporary feel. The font is based on the Vollkorn typeface with a lot of redesigned symbols.

Why the heck Vollda if we have a high-quality Vollkorn?

  • The original "a" of Vollkorn looked kinda playful and too bulky for my needs. So to add a more serious mood I redesigned "a" in a slight Granjon style. Obviously, it led to editing "u,d,b,p,q" and then "n,m,h".
  • Cyrillic "Кк, Жж, Яя" looked a way too historic (poluustav-ish) so I redesigned them to appear more contemporary and in the same time having more resemblance to the latin original "K, R"
  • Thirdly, cyrillic "б,ф" looked okay, but the their skeletons were a bit outdated, so I tweaked them a bit to get that modern feel.
  • And finally, I deleted internal rounded corners in Cyrillic "Пп, Дд, Лл, Цц, Щщ, Шш", because those rounded corners might have appeared only during some old letter press printing. That is not what you get when you try to write them with an 6.0mm nib or print them on a laser printer.

The graceful serifs of Vollda font back to traditional typographic design, evoking a sense of historical richness. Each character is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a balance between the classical elegance of old-style serifs and a subtle contemporary flair.

With a timeless demeanor and refined details, Vollda font exudes a sense of authority and sophistication while maintaining a modern sensibility. The subtle incorporation of contemporary design elements ensures that this serif typeface remains relevant and adaptable for a variety of applications, from editorial layouts to corporate branding.