Vitro-Asemic Font


VITRO-ASEMIC is a typeface cultivated with mouth bacteria, agar, Photoshop, Illustrator, and FontForge. The process started by digitizing three petri dishes that were marked in the forms of the seven Henderson’s typtoms in order to cultivate consciousness that is beyond the human.

This work came from the inspiration of the "hidden" world of bacteria and influences from biomimicry. VITRO-ASEMIC was also in response to the POSTHUMAN (DE)SIGN AMONG THE NON-HUMAN MANIFESTO. Each of the glyphs within the dingbat font came from the digitization of several petri dishes over the span of 3 days that were marked within the forms of the 7 typetoms.

The term asemic which is used to categorize the title of this font acts as a language or communication that is beyond our understanding but still hails to the referent. This can be seen within the nutrient of agar communicating with the bacteria from the source of my cheek to form visual clusters. The participant’s framework of syntax can be virtualized within alternations of communication through the semiotic process. This aspect is also named by another term that I used within my own art practice which is cognitive estrangement. This font was created to utilize the asemic and cognitive estrangement in order to generate further ecological grounding. In correlation to the hailing of the asemic, this font hails towards the non-human for a ritualized dialectic.

This work is being commenced on 5/5/22 during the beginning of the graphic design capstone show for University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.