Vermiglione Typeface


Vermiglione is a variable font derived from the Cochineal font (Michael Sharpe), which in turn was derived from Crimson (Sebastian Kosch). However, it has a limited number of characters and some changes have been included.

Vermiglione is a serif typeface designed in the timeless tradition of beautiful oldstyle typography. The attention to detail in Vermiglione font extends to its clean lines, well-defined serifs, and elegant curves, making it an ideal choice for projects that require a touch of historical charm without compromising modern readability.

Being a variable font, it allows you to have intermediate versions between round and bold and between italic and bold italic. With version 1.1 the range for wght between 200 and 400 was also included in the variable font (Cochineal only includes wght 400 and 700).

With its traditional yet timeless appeal, Vermiglione font is a versatile choice for a wide range of applications. Whether used in editorial design, invitations, or branding materials, this font exudes a sense of sophistication and clarity that enhances the overall visual experience.