TT Espina Typeface


TT Espina is a display antiqua with expressive serifs. Inspired by the historical shape of the letter O, which took on a diamond shape due to print quality, the designers created a modern typeface with high contrast between horizontals and verticals.

TT Espina is yet another proof that antiquas can be stylish and expressive display fonts suitable for modern projects. TT Espina will look harmoniously in headlines of posters or billboards, in gallery and exhibitions design, in large-format printed materials or on websites.

The font is easily distinguishable among other antiquas by its high contrast, expressive and large serifs, closed aperture and diamond-shaped circles. TT Espina’s characters are quite narrow, which adds to the materials designed using the font a special aesthetic. It makes you to look closely into each letter, so the headlines set in TT Espina will definitely be read. A full set of different icons is a nice addition for designers who will work with a new typeface.

TT Espina consists of 7 typefaces: 6 romans and 1 variable. Each typeface has 648 glyphs. The font family has 21 OpenType features**, including changing the shape of some characters (Q, g, j), the possibility to replace characters with high-set diacritics with characters with low-set diacritics, which is convenient for poster design.