Tilt Typeface


Tilt is a family of type inspired by the dimensional lettering found in storefront signage. It’s comprised of three related variable font styles:

  • Tilt Neon mimics the construction of neon tube lettering,
  • Tilt Prism is based on prismatic lettering, cast or cut in a material,
  • Tilt Warp resembles peeling vinyl stickers.

All three are based around the same letter model of a sign painter’s geometric sans serif, similar to the typefaces Futura or Avant Garde, but with the kinds of details you might expect to see when the letter is built up with a brush.

The three styles are designed and built as variable fonts. Instead of using variation axes that you would expect to find, such as “Weight” and “Width”, these typefaces allow users to rotate the orientation of their glyphs with “Horizontal Rotation” and “Vertical Rotation” axes. The rotation is limited to ±45° so that the letterforms never rotate past a readable range.