Thorngumbald Font


Thorngumbald is a playful sans-serif typeface designed to reduce similarity between certain letters and increase legibility for people with impaired vision.

The typeface started as an experiment looking at distorting certain characters to help differentiate similar shaped letters from one another to combine quirkiness and legibility – as well as exploring the Latin S character set. A full regular weight was developed with over 600 characters, OpenType features, contextual diacritic kerning and many more features, however, the typeface was ultimately put to one side while we worked on other projects.

We've made the decision to give away the complete regular weight for free, so that anyone who requires a typeface with legibility features could use it and feedback to us on its success with a wider audience. If you want to use it and credit us, that would be amazing – and we'll try and share your project. Feel free to use it if you just want to have a fun typeface to play with too.

Hopefully, this process will help us develop the typeface further so it confidently meets the needs of its intended users.