The Sunday Paper Fonts


The Sunday Paper fonts is the library of The Sunday Paper, an independent publication centering the voices of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Palestinian people and their allies. The publication also holds voices in boycott of Schwartz Media.

These fonts were drawn on unceded lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation.

Sunday Masthead is used as the masthead for The Sunday Paper. Only the characters used in the masthead are resolved, but the typeface may be expanded for headline use in the future.

Sunday Protest Hand is drawn from the lettering of editor Yul Scarf on a solidarity placard. Currently only A–Z is covered.

Sunday Hand is a rationalized/regularized drawing from a sketch by The Sunday Paper contributor Alissar Chidiac.

Sunday Collaborative Alphabet germinated as a collective drawing exercise, where contributors from The Sunday Paper each added one straight line per character.

Sunday TB Hand is a handwriting font based on the scrawled notes of Issue 2 contributor Timmah Ball.