Sudo Typeface


Sudo is a monospaced font designed for terminal and programming. All letters have the same width in all weights.

Sudo is legible.  When some letter forms are ambiguous in prosa, we can easily read them because we know the context. But when coding, all characters have to be unmistakably recognizable. It is common to add serifs to an uppercase I or a hook to the lowercase l. In Sudo all numbers one line width smaller than the uppercase letters. They still stand out enough because most code is in lowercase anyway.

Sudo is space-efficient. The width of all letters is 44% of the font size. This allows you to fit more code in the same space. For example, the character width in other fonts is between 55% (Consolas) and 60% (Courier). Sudo has been designed on a pixel grid for a font size of 16 pixels, but works well in other sizes as well.

Sudo is unique. It is the first and only font to feature what like to call ‘coder’s quotes’. Some programming languages use the acute and grave accents as a replacement for opening or closing quotes. The standalone accents in Sudo are much bigger than the ones on the accented letters and work well together with the straight and typographic quotes.