Stoix Typeface


Stoix is a font based on epigraphy (stone carved letters) from an Athenian Hellenic-period decree. It contains a Greek alphabet and a Latin alphabet that's based on the Greek one. Each version has a monospace equivalent, in order to make 'stoichedon' style designs.

As ancient greek only had 'upper case', I've used the lower case of each language for slightly more obscure but technically accurate variations of the letters, like a Corinthian "qoph".

Please, do not use my font and artificially use a Σ as an E. This is one of the reasons I made this font in the first place. Don't do it, I beg you. I would love to see what you do if you do use it though!

Besides letters, I've only included numbers, "&", and "?". They are for convenience but the Greeks did not use arabic numerals or punctuation so probably avoid them or use other similar fonts (I've found, for example, that the numbers etc of the font 'Aaargh' match alright). I'll probably make some someday and update the fonts as necessary, there's a lot of goals I'd like to achieve, such as more glyphs, improved kerning, improved weighting, etc etc.

The name is a dual pun: a shortening of the word stoichedon/στοιχεδον - the monospace style of epigraphy used for a time, and a reference to the Stoics, an Ancient Greek philosophy.