Songer Typeface


SONGER is an accredited family of low contrast monoline fonts with straight terminal endings. The headset is static, has a small aperture and expanded intra-letter gaps; secondary elements such as punctuation and diacritics are underlined.

Forms of outlines tend to look simple and understandable, while their contours are not without invisible optical compensation, thus quite geometric fonts do not lose much readability and have a distributed graphic density in the text.

Compressed styles try to keep oval elements, without too square them, so that SONGER Condensed is perceived as compressed by SONGER SemiExpanded. Both of these subfamilies are matched in thickness - you can mix their characters in the text (do not forget to switch kerning to optical in this case).

The headset was created universal in its mood. The low contrast of the strokes, oval shapes with the minimum number of curves and the absence of “traps” help the characters to look confident in the largest pins. Logos, large headlines and, if you want, just text - no problem.