Soft Mouth Font


Soft Mouth is a stunning font that encapsulates the essence of Victorian elegance. This font style exudes an air of refinement and opulence, perfect for adding a touch of grandeur to your design projects.

The Soft Mouth font offers a versatile range of options with its four font families: Regular, Hole, Ornament, and Serif. The "Regular" font family serves as a reliable choice for everyday text, providing legibility and clarity. The "Hole" font family adds a unique twist, featuring intricate designs with hollowed-out letterforms, creating an intriguing visual effect. The "Ornament" font family boasts exquisite decorative elements, allowing you to embellish your designs with ornate flourishes. Lastly, the "Serif" font family offers a classic and refined aesthetic, perfect for evoking a sense of tradition and sophistication.