Russolo Typeface


Russolo is a typeface combining Bodoni and Futura into a high-contrast geometric sans.

Russolo is inspired by Giambattista Bodoni's prints and a solid, powerful, and modern text style. The fine hairlines made the letters seem like they grew out of the pages and were not placed on them. Russolo also draws inspiration in the modernity and simplicity of Paul Renner's Futura and combines these unique styles together.

Luigi Russolo was another great influence. He was not a typographer but a painter and composer largely known for a manifesto he published, The Art of Noises. He stated that, with the advent and growth of industrialization, humanity had discovered a new sonic palette. The sounds of machinery and electronics were everywhere and he thought that composers needed to include these timbres in their compositions through the usage of the very devices and machines that created them.

And so, Italian tradition meets the Futurist ideals of the 1910s-20s.