Roubaix Industrielle Font


Roubaix Industrielle is a typeface inspired by the history of Roubaix, a city in the north of France. Roubaix knew a certain growth during the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Roubaix Industrielle, the typeface, was developed at the request of the Roubaix Tourism Office and of the atelier Bien Vu with the name "I love Roubaix". Its design is based on brick-shaped modules, as a reference to the predominant building method in the city. On its smaller optical sizes, its brick texture is reinforced with internal connections that recall the path of seams found in textile patterns. This way, this typeface creates a bridge between two main features of the city: brick architecture and textile industry.

Roubaix Industrielle presents a "Regular" version (for web and print uses) as well as several versions with different letter heights (for print purposes only). All of its versions are available in five optical sizes and their intermediary variable sizes.