Red Hat Typeface


Red Hat is a fresh take on the geometric sans genre, taking inspiration from a range of American sans serifs including Tempo and Highway Gothic.

The Red Hat type family is produced in 2 optical sizes, in a range of weights with italics. The Display styles, made for headlines and big statements, are low contrast and spaced tightly, with a large x-height and open counters. The Text styles have a slightly smaller x-height and narrower width for better legibility, are spaced more generously, and have thinned joins for better performance at small sizes.

In 2021 have been added Light and Light Italic styles, and a Red Hat Monospace family. The fonts can be used together seamlessly at a range of sizes.

The Red Hat Typeface is a superfamily of Display, Text, and Mono styles, each with a range of weights in roman and italic.

The fonts were originally commissioned by Paula Scher / Pentagram and designed by Jeremy Mickel / MCKL for the new Red Hat identity.