Quirky Clarendon Font


Quirky Clarendon project started out as creating a custom typeface based off of an existing one from a small list, which was difficult to choose from. The one I went with was Clarendon, as it seemed to be a professional and interesting font that I thought could be changed into something less serious. I thought that giving the characters a curved appearance, with differentiating widths in the strokes would give it a more "casual" and "quirky" feeling. At first, I called it "Casual Clarendon," but after finishing the kerning and final details, I went with "Quirky Clarendon."

The process was difficult to do, as at first, I didn't really know where I wanted to go with it, but once I started with a simple idea, it began to come together. It was quite the hassle when it came to getting the time to properly work on the characteristics of each letter. But, with it finalized now, I can say that I feel it works for the casual feeling I was going for. The three best words to describe this new typeface is casual, strange, and friendly.