Quieta Typeface

quieta font
quieta typeface

Quieta is a humanist serif typeface inspired by the aesthetics of Italian Renaissance and by the empowering history of the painter Artemisa Gentileschi, first woman to be admitted to an Academy of Fine Arts in Italy. Itdesigned with sharp flat-nib calligraphic strokes to add a vibrant contemporary vibe to the traditional humanist proportions.

Classical details (such as the beak of the “e” and the angled stress of the “o”), are balanced by a modern and readable low-contrast design, developed in a range of six weights with a matching set of true italics. A Display weight, with lighter shapes and stronger contrast has been developed excel in logos, headlines and captions.

Free version includes Medium and Medium Italic styles, the full family comes in 6 weights with corresponding Italics.

The wide array of alternate, decorative and swash glyphs and the full coverage of over 200 extended latin languages make Quieta a solid, highly readable and elegant typeface perfect for body text both on the screen and on the printed page. Graceful and powerful at the same time, this typeface family is ready to help you when in need of the timeless appeal of a self-conscious feminine elegance.