Punk Nova Typeface


Punk Nova is an OpenType implementation of Donald Knuth’s Punk font.

Punk is a dynamic font, every time a glyph is requested Matafont draws a unique instance of it. On the other hand, OpenType is static; glyph outlines are drawn once and stored in the font and the renderer can not alter those outlines. To emulate the dynamic nature of Punk, was generate several alternate shapes of each glyph and store them in the font. Alternate shapes are mapped to the base character using OpenType “randomize” feature (rand), which tells the renderer to select glyphs randomly from the list of alternate shapes.

Since 2010 was the 2⁵ anniversary of TeX, each lower case letter have 2⁵ variants, 2⁴ for each upper case and 2³ for the rest.

Punk Nova comes in Regular and bold weights with matched Italics.