Primecolor Font


Primecolor is an elegant color typeface that elevates your designs with sophistication and versatility. This unique font offers four variations—Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B), and Magenta (M)—allowing you to explore a spectrum of hues and tones to suit your creative vision.

Each character in Primecolor font is meticulously crafted with graceful curves and refined details, exuding a timeless elegance that captivates the eye. The color variations add depth and dimension to your text, allowing you to effortlessly convey different moods and atmospheres in your designs.

4 color fonts Primecolor (R,G,B,M) in Open­TypeSVG (SVG- in- OT) format. To be able to use the color fonts you need to have installed Adobe Pho­to­shop CC2017, Illus­tra­tor CC2018, InDe­sign CC2019 or Inscape 1.0. Additional variable, color webfont Primecolor-CV1 in COLRv1 format. COLRv1 for­mat is pro­posal for multi- color, variable, vec­tor fonts, and is imple­mented as far in Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and MS Edge.