Porcini Font


Porchini is a calligraphic typeface that combines the elegance of traditional calligraphy with contemporary sharpness. With its straight and sharply defined strokes, the font embodies a unique blend of sophistication and modernity. This font offers various outlined styles, allowing you to experiment and create dynamic text compositions that stand out.

Each character in Porchini is crafted with precision, featuring clean lines and sharp angles that add a sense of drama and flair to your designs. The outlined styles offer versatility, allowing you to play with different stroke weights and layering effects to achieve the perfect look for your project.

"Porcine" means "like a pig" and Porcini means "Italian, literally ‘little pigs’." This font began as a project in 1999, and languished for a quarter decade, until I resurrected it from a NAS drive while looking for something else entirely. The "Stainless" style was what I retrieved from the vault, and used subtraction to create the other styles. I was reminded that I had done this when I saw a friend's flyer using a heavy calligraphic font, albeit one slightly more compressed than Porcini. I'm glad I found it, and that it spurred me into action.