Playwrite România Font


Playwrite is a typeface engine that allows the creation of primary school cursive fonts.

The curriculum goals for the subject Comunicare în limba română, or Communication in the Romanian language, place importance on teaching handwriting. Instruction happens during the early years of primary education, specifically in preparatory, first, and second grades. While schools and teachers have some flexibility in their methods, the instruction process, its stages and writing models are widely standardised.

Handwriting education begins in preparatory grade with a focus on print script alphabet, also known as scris de tipar or litere bloc, and on development of communication skills. In first grade, students gradually transition to a cursive writing model called litere de mână. It is a continuous cursive style with a 18º slope, and its narrow proportions follow a grid.

This slanted continuous cursive features a slow stroke speed and medium-length, looped ascenders and descenders. The uppercase letters are decorative, highlighted by a straight spine in 'S' and a distinguishable shape in 'G'. Both capital and lowercase versions of 'X' and 'Z' include crossbars as a unifying stylistic element. The lowercase letters often incorporate knots, enhancing the complex appearance of the script. The letter 'f' has a loopless descender and connects to the next letter via its crossbar, while 'q' is notable for a short exit stroke in its descender.