Playwrite Norge Font


Playwrite is a typeface engine that allows the creation of primary school cursive fonts.

In Norway, the most prevalent form of handwriting in education is the stavskrift. It is an unlooped modern cursive style, which borrows elements from continuous cursive writing. Students are taught uppercase and lowercase letters in trykkskrift, a simplified print script, in the first grade. In the middle of the second or beginning of the third grade, they are introduced to stavskrift, and they learn joining strokes between letters. This path may vary at the discretion of the teacher or the school, but in fourth grade students are expected to have well-formed and legible handwriting with a certain degree of fluency

This modern cursive, semi-connected typeface includes elements from continuous cursive handwriting styles. The uppercase letters are decorative, with 'G' and 'Y' featuring descenders with loops that connect to the next letter. Lowercase letters have medium-length, loopless ascenders and descenders. Distinctive features include a straight descender on 'f', a loopless cursive shape in 'z', and cursive styles for 'p' and 'b'.