Playwrite México Font


Playwrite is a typeface engine that allows the creation of primary school cursive fonts.

Since the 1992 educational reform, the curricula for primary education no longer provides details about handwriting instruction or specifies writing models. Moreover, it grants teachers the freedom to choose teaching methods for the instruction of reading and writing during the earliest stages. However, nearly all private schools and most public ones teach cursive writing — either alongside or sequentially — with print letters. But the resources they use for teaching cursive writing are privately acquired from publishing houses or created by teachers themselves.

In this context, local type designers have been commissioned to create typefaces that match the styles familiar to teachers. These typefaces are usually similar to North American penmanship models, more likely, a derivative from the National Commission of Free Textbooks workbooks dating back to the 1960s.

This slanted continuous cursive closely mirrors North American models such as Palmer or Zaner-Bloser. The uppercase letters are cursive and include some complex shapes, notably in 'F', 'I', and 'G'. The lowercase letters feature medium-length extenders, with 'f' and 'q' displaying mirrored descender loops that add intricacy. The letter 'z' is designed with a curved top, while 'b', 'v', and 'w' incorporate knots, contributing to the overall ornate style. The construction of the letters is characterized by a slow and complex execution, emphasizing the deliberate and decorative nature of this handwriting style.