Playwrite España Font


Playwrite is a typeface engine that allows the creation of primary school cursive fonts.

Primary school handwriting in Spain features letters that are cursive from a structural standpoint but have no slant. These upright cursive letters are either taught in the form of a hybrid style, which uses joined cursive lowercase letters with unjoined simplified print uppercase, or as a fully cursive style, which features ornate, and more traditional cursive uppercase letters. The hybrid style is used in textbooks by major educational publishers, such as Cuadernos Rubio, Santillana Educación, Editorial Barcanova, and Tekman Education.

Playwrite España is a continuous cursive inspired by traditional French models, featuring medium-length ascenders and descenders with loops. Several lowercase letters begin with curved entry strokes, and a few, such as 'b' and 'p', include knots. The letter 'z' is distinctively styled in italic fashion, adding a recognizable touch to this script. The uppercase letters are simplified and print-like, with the letter 'I' notably having serifs.