Pitagon Serif Typeface


Pitagon Serif is a fresh take on geometric serif styles, contains the Pitagon Design Principles embodied in the Pitagon Design System (Pi Design System). Pitagon Serif is implemented and inspired by open source font sets like as IBM Plex Serif and Source Serif. The font set is used in the context of specific use of text such as articles, books, magazine, etc.

Taking inspiration in Source Serif, the font have heavy asymmetric serifs and arms with inverted angles, which combine with lowercase designs that share a big x-height, pronounced ascenders, and soft curves of low stroke contrast, without losing the essence of a design intended for legibility in digital and print media, from headlines to body text. It blends styles of many great typefaces and is suitable for any design medium. The font set also conveys well the brand message of Pitagon is "BREAKTHROUGH the limits".

Pitagon Sans Mono is a part of the Pitagon font set, which be used in Pi Design System.