Pisang Lagi Font


Pisang Lagi is a playful and delightfully quirky handwritten font that adds a burst of personality to your designs. Each letter in Pisang Lagi dances across the page with a whimsical charm, creating an animated and lighthearted feel that is perfect for bringing comic book dialogues, captions, and playful branding to life.

With its handwritten charm, Pisang Lagi is an ideal choice for comic book lettering, humorous headlines, and any project that demands a dose of animated fun. The font captures the essence of a playful doodle, making it perfect for infusing your designs with a sense of whimsy and spontaneity.

Let Pisang Lagi be your go-to font for projects that celebrate the quirky and joyful side of life. Embrace the playful energy, and watch as your text transforms into a vibrant and animated conversation with the help of this whimsical handwritten comic font.