Permian Typeface


Permian is an energetic, modern and universal typeface for a wide range of design tasks. The font family composed of three different typefaces based on one graphic idea. Each of them has Regular, Bold and Italic styles. And each of them may work as a text typeface and as a display.

The graphic idea of Permian typeface is based on a combining calligraphy and constructive design of the contour. The humanistic sans version could partly remind a well-know Gill Sans (by Erik Gill, 1937), however it differs a lot and it is an independent and original typeface. It is recognizable by it’s simple graphic decisions, slightly serif-like constructions, and tiny angle of the contrast. Sans version is a hundred precent modern typeface, comfortable for modern reader: modern proportions, lack of bright historical look, accurate eyes catchers that help the typeface work in a different sizes. Simplicity and flexibility, calligraphy and controlling of a contours. Slab serif and serif versions are based on the same graphic ideas as a sans version. Serif version made mainly as a text typeface, the sans is mostly orientated on a headlines and display setting, and a slab serif version can be used in both ways.