Patricia Sans Font


In October 2015, this font was produced as a result of a typographic workshop to celebrate the first anniversary of the Lettrástica Festival, in Guadalajara, Jalisco. With a workshop attendance of 13 people and a production time of 6 hours, we collectively developed this kind of sans serif with an urban plastic profile.

To develop it, we first detect and choose certain models of letters that are sufficiently distinctive and similar to each other, taking as a reference photographs of various signs and street advertisements; then we went through a process of simplification and scaling-down in the elements of each sign to be able to consolidate the appearance of the alphabet in a general way.

As a result, taking into account the limited tools and time, we found it both charming and highly surprising.

The name of this digital font was due to the nickname of Hurricane Patricia, which had its course that day with category 5, and threatened to cancel the meeting of typographers ... Fortunately, as far as possible it only rained heavily and left great disasters in the city.