Matrix Sans Typeface


Matrix Sans is a set of pixelated, retro-style fonts based on the classic 5×7 dot matrix capitals. The design captures the look of this ubiquitous format, incorporating the best features from historical examples.

There are four variants in this family:

  • Regular is like most "pixel" fonts that use connected, square dots, like the displays of 8-bit home computers and video game consoles from the 1980s.
  • Print is made up of separate circular dots, resembling the output of a dot-matrix printer or the expiry dates on food products. It also mimics the electronic signs found on motorways, at airports and train stations, etc.
  • Screen is similar to Print, but uses square dots instead. It matches the look of the "character LCDs" seen in many devices, as well as some light-up LED displays.
  • Video is an interpolated version of Regular. It resembles the on-screen displays of VCRs, Teletext, camcorders and the like; harking back to the early days of computerization in television and home video.