Makkabi Font


Makkabi is a rounded slab serif typeface, an interwar type that was used in two Warsaw printing houses (W. Spiegelstein and the Rekord printing house). The original character set consisted of only upper case letters (upper case letters) in high scoring and was so limited that some letters in the composition had to be replaced with letters from other typefaces. Originally, the typeface was in the form of a wooden type. It was used primarily in sports posters encouraging participation in football matches of the Makabi club - the Jewish Gymnastic and Sports Association. This typeface is known from the covers of books by Szczepan Twardoch ("Król", "Kingdom"), designed by Rafał Kucharczuk. Parallel to the covers, the first version of the digital typeface Makkabi by Filip Tofil was also created. Filip's typeface was prepared for publication by Ania Wieluńska.

In relation to the original letters from the posters, the Makkabi provided by us has been supplemented with a set of minuscules (lowercase letters), numbers and punctuation marks. Makkabi is a display typeface - it will work well with large, short inscriptions. It is best to combine it with sparing, sans-serif typefaces.