Lemonada Typeface


Lemonada is a lovely display typeface with soft and fluid shapes that come from painted street shop signage. It comes with 4 fonts - from Light to Black weight. The dark weight is ideal for headlines and short texts, and a lighter weight could be useful for longer text. The uppercase letters are very carefully drawn, making an attractive and unique design for text in all caps, compound words in capital letters, and acronyms. The same dynamic is inherent in the lowercase and numbers!

Lemonada also has Arabic support.  The Arabic design is contemporary, starting with Naskh and introducing influences of Diwani. ith the readability of Naskh and beauty of Diwani, Lemonada can be used in both large and small sizes. It has wide and open counters that improve readability at smaller text sizes, while its more subtle details make it a great display face at larger sizes.