Kolumbia Font


Colombia is a serif title typeface. The Columbia style came to interwar Poland all the way from America. At the beginning of the 20th century, the typeface was cast in three variants - two antiquities and italics, based on the hand lettering from the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. Then, from the American ATF foundry, Post Oldstyle Roman no. 2 - because this is the full name of the original - went overseas, among others to the German Woellmer foundry and the Dutch Lettergieterij Amsterdam. Finally, it reached the Polish foundry of Jeżyński, where it operated under the name of Kolonial, and the foundry of Idźkowski, where it was called Columbia (or Columbia). When creating  Colombia, were used templates from both Warsaw foundries.

Colombia works well for the composition of short content and as a typographic pair for the Renaissance. The authors of the typeface are Ania Wieluńska and Borys Kosmynka.