Kiwi Maru Typeface


The basic vocabulary of the Japanese language is divided into three categories: "everyday words", which are used freely in everyday conversation, articles and novels, "written words", which are used in official situations and sentences, and "slang", which is more informal in style.

Kiwi Maru is a typeface for visualization and sharing of everyday and slang expressions in the digital age. Nowadays, in 2020, Mincho and Gothic typefaces are exclusively used in smart phones, tablets and PC environment. The introduction of a round font will change the way people express their emotions and feelings, which have been missing from the analog and digital worlds, and the painful feeling of having too many Chinese characters in a font.

There are three weights, Light, Regular and Medium. These vary only slightly in weight as we wanted to provide you with the ability to account for the difference in weight between different OS, browsers, and devices.

Kiwi Maru was created mainly for use in digital devices, to use it in your web fonts, papers and reports.