Jacquarda Bastarda Font


Jacquarda Bastarda is an expanded revival typeface from a Bastarda-esque Victorian needlepoint alphabet designed in Berlin by Heinrich Kuehn circa 1880.

The Collection

Soft Type is a collection of typefaces designed for knitting color-work. Each typeface has a “Regular” and “Charted” version and some include multiple scales so you can fit type on your knits, no matter the project's size.

Designing typefaces for knitting is essentially the same as designing pixel type. However, in practice, the pixel size is determined by the properties of the yarn in use. Scale is determined by the weight of the yarn as well as the number of pixels that make up the height of each letter. In this collection, the number following the name of the typeface indicates the height of the capital letters for that typeface.

These typefaces were designed with machine knitting in mind, but could be used for hand knitting, needlework, bedazzling, or many other textile crafts.

Note: for Fair Isle knitting you do need to beware of floats and plan accordingly as always.