Illusion Book Font


Illusion Book is a font that tries to find the warmth of the typeface era in a world of pixels. It design concept shows the unique elegance of serifs in a pixel style, while also being highly readable and suitable for large sections of text. The small font size makes the text arrangement more compact and the grayscale more uniform, without losing the sense of rhythm.

During the design, a lot of reference was made to traditional old-style fonts, such as Roman capitals, and the width of each capital letter was classified and designed based on this.

Although it looks like pixels, it is not the old pixel font format. All "pixels" are actually traced by vector outlines. In addition, it is also equipped with a wealth of advanced OpenType features. In professional graphic design and typesetting software (such as Adobe InDesign and Illustrator) and web development, it allows text to be presented in a more flexible way.