Identidad Font


Identidad is a sans serif typeface that embodies the essence of simplicity and readability. Its clean and straightforward characters are carefully crafted to ensure effortless legibility across various mediums.

This sans-serif typeface is your go-to choice for projects that demand a no-nonsense approach to typography. Whether you're creating user interfaces, instructional manuals, or branding materials that require a modern and approachable aesthetic, Identidad font offers a seamless fusion of ease and style.

The full family Identidad has nine weights, each with corresponding italics, 710 glyphs, and 17 OpenType features (aalt, calt, case, ccmp, dnom, frac, locl, numr, ordn, pnum, sinf, ss01, ss02, subs, sups, tnum, zero).

Identidad supports 377 languages and covers 3 Unicode blocks (Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A).