Honoria Font


Honoria is an Art Deco font inspired by Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon (1975).

This is a new digital typeface based on the design of the hand-lettered title and text inserts seen in the movie Barry Lyndon (1975). The hand lettering in the movie appears to be the work of Bill Gould. It is reminiscent of designs by Edward Benguiat, especially Bookman Oldstyle with swashes.

Honoria is an all caps font. It does not provide lowercase letters or Arabic numbers (you are encouraged to use Roman numerals instead…). Many of the uppercase letters have character variants with swirls on either side and / or long legs.

The character variants with a swirl to the left are meant to be used only in word-initial position, those with a swirl to the right in word-final position. The variants with long legs are pretty limited in their use because of their eccentric shape. Some collisions are unavoidable, so the user will need to decide from case to case where it is appropriate to use them. The variant of R with an extra long swirly leg is the most limited and works pretty much only in paenultimate position when followed by a narrow letter like Y.