Hikaru Mono Font


(VRM) HIKARU MONO is a free monospace font drawn on an online Go game board. Every Glyph is the result of an online confrontation. This process makes it a kind of collaboration between the designer placing the black pawns and the AI placing the white ones. However, the AI doesn't know he his a part of a design process. In its atempt to win the game, it generates disturbances of the drawing, interpreting it as a strategy. The design of the glyph is therefore bounded by the space of the board and the rules of the game. Those two factors are the guideline of the interaction between the design and the AI. The font is named after the character Hikaru from the manga HIKARU NO GO.

The design of this font is part of a research process around digital creation tools conducted by va.ri.mo. in Reims since 2022.