Groupie Typeface


Groupie is an art and typographic project that contains an experimental open source typeface in 7 different forms: Ezekyell, Sanguinaire, Folie furieuse, Polymorphea, Neydermeyers, Kaleidoscorpse and Achromatic.

Composed of classical Latin glyph set, Groupie is a pixel font with a simple letterform and very complicated designs, the goal being to create something very complex with 2 simple methods. You have the choice of interpretation, we can see faces hidden in the shapes when it is very close everywhere in the fonts, you can consider them as simple letters.

Please note that the kerning has not been done, it is not lazy (maybe) but my 2012 mac was going to blow up, literally. To export the fonts, please avoid ticking Autohinting and Remove Overlap because of the complexity of the pixels.