Greenwashing Machine Font


I made a word mark for a (new age hippy) "center for personal development and growth" a while ago, using the shape of a water droplet they had in their logo. Last week, I tried to make an entire font that was similar, with a leaf shape instead of a water drop.

I started with the regular, which turned out very irregular, and decided to make two more versions; one leaning to the left and one leaning to the right. (I named them bold and italic, because using left and right, Illustrator wouldn't see them as being of the same font family)

I'm not a big fan of that macrochaotic organic hippy style, but I decided to publish it anyway, there's always a couple of people out there who can make good use of it, whether it's oil companies trying to greenwash their filth, or Extinction Rebellion fighting them. I'm supporting the latter btw 🙂