FT Aurebesh Font


FT Aurebesh is a new libre variable font family to celebrate the Aurebesh script used in the Star Wars universe!

I have always been a Star Wars fan since I first saw Return of the Jedi at the age of 6. Ever since I started making fonts one of my big dreams has been to work on my own version of the Aurebesh script and finally after a long time I was able to do it.

It is with great happiness that I present to you FT Aurebesh, a variable font with a weight axis that allows you to choose how heavy or light you want to use it. Besides that it has a complete set of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and punctuation.

Opentype features like alternate numbers so you can choose between the canon numbers and the new Aurebesh ones. Also the digraphs are present as discretionary ligatures to use in case somebody wants to use them.

The best thing about FT Aurebesh is that it is totally free since I'm releasing it under the SIL Open Font license which allows commercial and personal use.

This is my gift to the Star Wars community to celebrate all these years of happiness it has given me, May the 4th be with you!