Fasad Font


FASAD is a typeface crafted for architects with writer’s block.

Fasad, a font curated to alleviate architects’ creative stagnation, draws inspiration from the intriguing architectural qualities embedded within letters and glyphs.

Named after the Swedish word for Façade, Fasad is an initiative aimed at discovering novel architectural expressions within letters and glyphs. It serves as a source of inspiration for architects grappling with sporadic artistic blocks or those simply navigating a leisurely day. Your designs are now just a word away – effortlessly manifest your ideas and witness their visual representation instantaneously. Alternatively, engage in spontaneous scribbling to unveil an array of facade combinations.

The myriad alterations applied to the original font adhere closely to consistent design principles. The objective is to extend the outer components of letters and glyphs, occupying the specific bounding box allotted to each letter. This process excludes ascenders and descenders, resulting in a rectangular outer contour that still retains traces of the letter’s most distinctive features. Throughout this evolution, careful consideration is given to the potential design properties inherent in each letter.

Fasad represents a significant modification of Nimbus Roman No.9 L (1), an open-source font crafted to mirror the size and appearance of the Times New Roman typeface.