Don’t Forget Font


Don't Forget is an English-based decorative font that I created inspired by Pumapungu and some ancient civilizations.

You can modify the spacing of fonts and change the connection between words to achieve the purpose of conveying different feelings. You can also splicing the incomplete parts into new graphics, the font also contains ligature graphics and some symbols, lowercase glyphs reduce some detail.

Don't Forget Gothic is a decorative font and is not recommended for use in text typography. Recommended usage scenarios: stylized titles, point, line and surface decoration.

Since the advent of human civilization, people have been thinking about how to convey ideas and records. In ancient civilizations, people used stones to create art and literature, promote the development of society. Because the characteristics of the stone can be preserved for a very long time, future generations can also understand and study the development of the predecessors.

Exhibition history. Don't Forget is an experimental font with a retro and futuristic sense that combines ancient civilization sites, murals, and text art. The typeface is very large, and I dropped some of the recognition to make it look like some kind of symbol, the square shape conveys the a mysterious inorganic sense.

Don't Forget font is ideal for creating futuristic, mysterious visuals. I express some elements in nature in the form of geometric figures, I want to convey a "sense of distance" formed in the transition from figurative to abstract organic to inorganic. You can connect words and words to form new shapes by adjusting the font spacing. In addition, the incomplete parts of the text can be spliced into new graphics, which are suitable for decorative pictures.

The reason why I named this font Don't Forget is because I want to convey the fast-paced style of today through this font. In the information age, people have lost their ability to judge themselves and their own development direction. The Invention of Chinese Characters in Ancient Civilizations it is one of the very important symbols of the development of human society, and it also improves the thinking ability of human beings. I hope people will not "forget"
Human innate desire for knowledge.

Don't Forget font symbolizes the instinct to explore and excavate the essence of things while satisfying material needs and to achieve higher spiritual pursuits.