DisSenso Font


DisSenso is a vintage font based on a type popular at the beginning of the twentieth century, especially in Germany and distributed under various names, such as Medea, Viktoria or Phönix. Even in Italy it had different names, for example Urania (Nebiolo) or Serie Milano (Pierallini).

DisSenso was created in memory of Giacomo Matteotti, a socialist deputy killed by fascists in 1924. As required by law 10 July 2023, n. 92, «the Republic, within the scope of the aims of safeguarding and promoting its cultural, historical and literary heritage, celebrates the figure of Giacomo Matteotti on the occasion of the hundred years since his death, promoting and enhancing the knowledge and study of his work and his thoughts on a national and international level."

The original font was used for titles in various socialist publications of that period, such as the Almanacco Socialista Italiano (1918); in the socialist newspaper Avanti! there are titles with this character even in the same month as Matteotti's murder (for example on 13 June, page 2 and 17 June, page 2).