Diamond Grotesk Font


Diamond Grotesk is a sophisticated and modern typeface inspired by the timeless Akzidenz-Grotesk, but reimagined with a contemporary twist. By taking the grotesque bases of the letters, the contrasts of some shapes have been increased, adding inktraps to their connections for balance and aesthetics. The name of this typeface came from the particularity of the diamond shape of the dot, which turns out to be one of the main highlights.

This project was developed in 2021 by Beatriz Lima, Marco Antunes and Mariana Braga, students of the Master Degree in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto, in the context of Type Design discipline taught by Professor Pedro Amado, with the aim of researching and deepening the knowledge of typography, its history, the editorial context and type design production, by creating a variable font that can be used for text, based on an existing typeface and creating a revival type.

Ideal for editorial design, branding, and digital applications, Diamond Grotesk offers a fresh take on a classic typography, making it a versatile choice for designers seeking a balance between historical reference and contemporary aesthetics.