Daveau Typeface


DAVeau is a reconstruction and expansion of "Davison Art Nouveau", created by Meyer M. "Dave" Davison, using reference images collected by Florian Hardwig. Lowercase italics letters take some inspiration from Dave Davison's "La Valse Script".

DAVeau font seamlessly blends the timeless elegance of Art Nouveau with modern design sensibilities, providing a versatile and refined typographic solution for your creative projects. The letterforms retain the organic and flowing characteristics of Art Nouveau, featuring intricate details, graceful curves, and ornate elements.

Whether enhancing the sophistication of wedding invitations, creating nostalgic branding, or adding a touch of vintage flair to editorial layouts, DAVeau stands out as a font that marries tradition with innovation.

All digitization, italics, light versions, and most of the symbols designed by Patrick J. "Patreeko" Dempsey.