Dark Academia Font


Dark Academia is a decorative ornamental display typeface. With its unique appearance the font is ideal for posters and typographic artworks.

Dark Academia is inspired by the first flowers in barren forests, misty afternoons by the sea, the scent of old books, dreaming in rose gardens, lonely night time walks, unbearable yearning and limerence, feeling melancholic and still having to work, losing yourself in love and imagination, floating in candle light, drunken meetings past midnight, romanticising the impossible, afternoons at the museum gazing at classical paintings of flowers and landscapes long gone, heartbreak and the glimmer of hope, pastel bouquets as whispered apologies, the solitude of the night, browsing through pages on the floors of bookstores, by longing, by tears on bare skin, by devastating beauty, by losing myself in the unreal, by never-ending endings and (false) promises, by rides at midnight, by moving in smoke and uncertainty, by hopes getting crushed over and over again, desolate places in pouring rain, whispering last goodbyes in an alternate reality, like a dream.