Capo Cresci Font


Capo Cresci is a decorative font based on scans of drawings of the drop caps by Giovanni Francesco Cresci in the work Il perfetto scrittore (1570). This unique typeface pays homage to the artistry and elegance of Renaissance calligraphy, bringing a touch of timeless beauty to contemporary design projects.

Capo Cresci captures the intricate details and flowing lines of Cresci's original drop caps, imbuing each character with a sense of historical richness and sophistication. The delicate curves and flourishes evoke the craftsmanship of traditional penmanship, while the digital rendering ensures precision and clarity for modern applications.

Inspired by the ornate beauty of Renaissance typography, Capo Cresci offers a range of intricately designed drop caps that serve as striking points or decorative elements in editorial layouts, book covers, and branding materials.