Bubbl Extra Bold Font


Bubbl Extra Bold is a fun and bold display font with a bubbly vibe. Great for all sorts of projects, it includes a broad selection of characters suitable for many Latin-based scripts and more.

Bubbl Extra Bold features bold and rounded letterforms, each exuding a lively and friendly character. The playful curves and bouncy shapes give the font a bubbly personality, making it perfect for headlines, banners, and any design that calls for a touch of cheerfulness.

This typeface is your go-to choice for adding a dose of whimsy and a bubbly vibe to any creative project, injecting a sense of fun that is sure to captivate and delight. The font's boldness ensures high visibility, making it a standout choice for a variety of display purposes.

Whether you're creating invitations, posters, or branding materials, Bubbl Extra Bold font adds a playful and bold element that elevates the overall mood.