Boa Construktor Font


I saw a rear wing of an F2 car with the logo of Stokker on it a day ago on Formula 1 TV, and I liked the way it looked; huge, square and very bold. I looked up that logo on their website, but I thought it was a bit clumsy and clunky. So I decided to make a similar font, but better 🙂 I did not make a lower case because fonts like these are used in ALL CAPS anyway. The lower case does have some variations though.

Boa Construktor can be used for construction and transport companies and the likes, but it also works for sports teams and simple logos.

Supported languages are Icelandic, Norwegian. Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, German, Czech, Polish, Welsh, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian, Romanian, Turkish, Esperanto, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Maori, and yes: even English.