Blue Cashews Font


So, when I try to create a new font, I'm having excruciating pain in our backs. The pain penetrated into my chest, making it hard to breathe. Urrgghh that hurts so much!

And you know what causes it? What I thought before was stiffness in my rib joints or symptoms of heart disease. Turns out it was because I ate a lot of cashews. So I named this font "Blue Cashews" LOL.

Blue Cashews' alternates are inspired by the curved shape of a cashew with a blunt tip. Blue Cashews give the impression that we often see in the packaging of snacks, cereals, milk, and so on. So warm, sweet, fresh, crunchy and full of love!

It can be applied to many areas of design. Coming with 220+ stunning and super easy to use alternates and ligatures. Very suitable for packaging, apps, magazine, headline, website, ads and all type of design project you have.